real-time incident reporting on your site

In addition to guidance, PrivaMap integrates into its web application the feature of real-time incident reporting on private sites.

As soon as a user of the PrivaMap solution is a victim or witness of an incident, he can report it in two clicks on the web application. The type of alert and the user’s position are transmitted in real-time to the site’s security department.

Drivers, service providers, and employees can easily report any type of alert or incident on site.

PrivaMap user
PrivaMap Alert Feature

Incident management with administrator mode

Once an incident has been reported, the information is communicated directly to the site’s security department.

Each administrator profile can view all incidents (type and position) on the digital site map. 

Thus, as soon as a new incident is reported, the administrator can directly handle it until it’s solved.

If the site already has an incident resolution solution, the alerts raised by PrivaMap users can be transmitted directly to it.