PrivaMap guidance web app

Guiding all drivers on your private site

With the PrivaMap guidance solution, transporters, service providers or visitors are automatically guided to their destination as soon as they arrive on site.

Through an access link communicated by QR code or text messages, professionals can access the guidance solution on their smartphone without having to download anything.

Industrial sites, logistic platforms, chemical plants, ports and airports equipped with the PrivaMap solution are now measuring an average time saving of 15% on all on-site shifts.

PrivaMap offers :

  • A web application that requires no download and is available in over 14 languages
  • A guidance algorithm developed by our technical teams to continuously respond to the specificities of each private site
  • Secured, limited and regulated access for each user of the solution
  • An API connection to all the business data of an industrial site (TMS, ERP…)
  • A web guidance application with simplified mapping to minimize the use of mobile data
PrivaMap languages

We create the digital map of your site

For the launch of each project, we start by creating the digital map of your site.
To do this, the PrivaMap teams have developed a web studio dedicated to the creation of digital maps and allowing us to integrate the specificities of your site into a cartographic tile.

From the ground and traffic plans, we create a digital map of your site which includes:

  • All ressources and points of interests on site (loading / unloading docks, reception, weighing station, coffee machine, restroom…)
  • The routes and their specificities (height / width / weight limits, direction of traffic flow, type of vehicle or goods authorized on each route, etc…)
  • Access to ressouces is controlled and regulated according to the type of user in order to protect access to site data

Once the mapping has been completed by the PrivaMap teams, each private site has administrator access to make modifications that will directly be available on the guidance application.