A guidance solution dedicated to the needs of industrial sites

PrivaMap offers a specialized guidance solution for industrial, logistic and chemical sites, as well as for airports and ports. We guide and secure the flow of lorry drivers, service providers or even employees within your private site.

With an access link provided by QR code or SMS, professionals can access the guidance solution directly on their smartphones without downloading anything.

PrivaMap is a SaaS solution that allows you to optimize the guidance of professionals on-site and thus reduce misunderstandings between your teams and drivers with a solution that is accessible in over 14 languages.

Our mission is to allow you to automate, secure, and visualize your flows within your private site.

A team ready to meet your needs

Vianney LORTHIOIR, an Icam engineer, decided to become an entrepreneur with the desire to innovate in the industrial and logistics sector linked to his background.
Following the identification of a specific need at the Paris airports, a more global idea of
optimizing and securing flows on large industrial sites gave birth to PrivaMap.

With three co-founder team composed of Vianney LORTHIOIR, Julien HEGO et Océane BLIGAND, they share a common vision: to make PrivaMap the French and European reference for guidance on industrial sites.

After starting the adventure at the Alacrité France incubator, PrivaMap is now based at EuraTechnologies, PrivaMap now has more than 10 determined and committed employees who optimize and automate the flows on our clients’ private sites on a daily basis.

CEO & co-founder of PrivaMap


CEO & co-founder

CPO & co-founder of PrivaMap


CPO & co-founder

CTO & co-founder of PrivaMap

Julien HEGO

CTO & co-founder