Fundraising for PrivaMap, how to invest 1 million euros?

Launched more than 1 year ago, following a project developed by the Alacrité startup ecosystem since 2020, this innovative Lille-based company markets a guidance and supervision solution dedicated to industrial, logistics and chemical facilities, and also to airports and ports.

PrivaMap’s core expertise : optimise, secure and supervise on-site vehicle flows generated by delivery trucks or service providers, and also pedestrian flows.

PrivaMap is a SaaS solution that facilitates guidance of professionals on-site and therefore aim at decreasing the number of misunderstandings between staff and external drivers thanks to a download-free web app available in more than 14 languages.

A fund raising to accelerate its business development

Currently growing at a fast pace, PrivaMap is proud to serve customers like Euralogistic, Roquette Lestrem and HubOne, an Aéroport De Paris group subsidiary, through an integration job at Charles De Gaulle Paris airport.

To take advantage of new opportunities and become the market leader, PrivaMap, with its current 7 employees, aims at strengthening its sales team.

The three co-founders, Vianney LORTHIOIR (CEO), Julien HEGO (CTO) and Océane BLIGAND (CPO), carry a common vision : make PrivaMap the leading guidance system for industrial facilities in France and Europe.

Customer experience at the core of its strategy

« PrivaMap solution allows us to find a fast and relevant itinerary, factoring in variables such as traffic conditions throughout the day, restricted areas in accordance with the nature of the goods loaded. PrivaMap figures out in real time an optimized itinerary for the daily moves of the airport staff, avoiding them to get lost and to be late  » testifies Gary Melloul, in charge of Airport & IoT Solutions Offers at HubOne.

For the co-founders, the current large industrial facilities experience is essential to develop and improve PrivaMap features. Thanks to their first customers’ feedbacks, they pursue the tech developments and constantly offer them new features accordingly.

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Presentation of PrivaMap by its CEO, Vianney LORTHIOIR (French with English subtitles)

PrivaMap co-founders

Vianney Lorthioir : A general engineer with degree from Icam school in Lille, he discovered the world of entrepreneurship in 2019 within the Lille-based start-up generator ALACRITÉ France. With an Arts & Métiers background, he develops within Alacrité the project to create a specialised guidance solution for industrial facilities.
Co-founder and CEO of PrivaMap since 2021, he is very energetic in his desire to optimise, secure and supervise flows on large industrial facilities.

Julien Hégo : After graduating with a MIAGE Master degree from Lille University, he joined ALACRITÉ France and the PrivaMap project in April 2020. Co-founder and CTO, he is the conductor of PrivaMap’s technical developments and ensures that the evolutions are always prioritised according to the clients’ needs.

Océane Bligand : A general engineer with a degree from the École Centrale de Lyon, she joined the Lille-based « Startup Factory » ALACRITÉ France and joined the PrivaMap project in the summer 2020. Co-founder and CPO, she manages the Front-end team and dictates the pace of development of PrivaMap’s new features. Extremely concerned about the user experience, she is determined to constantly improve the ease of access and user interface of the PrivaMap solution.

PrivaMap investors

Alacrité : Founded in 2017, ALACRITÉ France is the 6th Startup Factory of the international Alacrity ecosystem, orchestrated for more than 10 years by the Wesley Clover Group under the aegis of Sir Terry Matthews, a successful Anglo-Canadian serial entrepreneur.

Replicating a unique model proven and recognised for its effectiveness in several countries (Canada, United Kingdom, Turkey, Mexico, etc.), Alacrity enables entrepreneurs at heart to structure a project around a market need identified upstream by industrialists, with a measured personal risk, and then to turn it into an innovative technological company of which they become the founder-shareholders. Supported by Alacrité with strong long-term financial backing and a network of experienced Advisors and Mentors, each Young Start-up can also rely on the access to the global market of the Alacrity network.

In six years, Alacrity has already created a dozen innovative growth companies in the heart of Europe, in Lille. Its investors include Canadian and French industrial players (Wesley Clover International, Mitel, HubOne, and Baracoda), public players (French Tech Acceleration Fund, BPI France, the Hauts-de-France Region, the European Metropolis of Lille, and EuraTechnologies), as well as two regional seed funds, Finovam and Finovam2. | – –

Finovam Gestion : FINOVAM GESTION is an AMF-approved management company that supports entrepreneurs from the early stages of their project and throughout their subsequent development in five key sectors: Digital, Health and Biotechnology, Bioeconomy, Energy Transition and Industry of the Future. The management team, with its recognised experience in venture capital, is spread over four sites (Lille, Amiens, Metz and Dijon) and puts its expertise and network at the service of innovative companies in the three regions of Hauts-de-France, Grand Est and Bourgogne Franche-Comté. FINOVAM Gestion manages four investment funds for a total amount under management of €100M and a portfolio of 60 innovative companies. For more information: & Contact: Anthony Daccache –

Nord France Amorçage : Created in 2013, Nord France Amorçage is a €36 million co-investment fund wholly owned by the Hauts-de-France Region with the support of Europe and managed by the Siparex Group. Dedicated to financing innovative companies that create jobs and added value for the region, Nord France Amorçage has invested in more than 90 companies in all sectors of activity. Covering the whole of the Hauts-de-France region, NFA supports projects in the seed or early development phase with tickets of up to €800,000 for a first round and €2 million in total. For more information: & LinkedIn Nord France Amorçage

Pascal Riche : Entrepreneur, engineer by training and graduate of HEC, he took over Develop Elec in 2011, a recognised regional player in electrical engineering. He participates in the commitment committees of Réseau Entreprendre, of which he is an award winner and member. He accompanies various company managers in their strategic approach and joined PrivaMap in 2021 as an independent director.