transport according to safety regulations

Road transport safety: how to ensure compliance?

Road safety: a major challenge in the transport sector

Road transport is a vital sector of the economy, but it also presents major challenges in terms of safety. Protecting drivers, vehicles and goods is a prime concern for transport companies.

In this context, PrivaMap is positioned as an innovative solution that contributes to reinforcing the safety of truck driver flows within industrial sites.

Regulatory compliance: a necessity for carriers

Road haulage companies have to comply with numerous regulations to ensure that they operate legally and responsibly. Strict standards govern aspects such as driving times, rest periods, load security, and many others. Non-compliance can result in financial penalties, loss of reputation, and jeopardize the safety of drivers and other road users.

PrivaMap offers specific functionalities to help carriers meet these regulations on-site, and ensure optimum compliance.

PrivaMap’s contribution to security and compliance

  • On-site driver supervision: PrivaMap facilitates driver management by providing real-time monitoring of on-site activities. Industrial sites can thus ensure that deadlines are met, and track the stages completed by each intra-site driver.
  • Operation control: For each driver, PrivaMap adapts to the type of operation (hazardous materials, oversized goods…) and proposes an adapted, compliant, and secure route. At the same time, the solution enables drivers’ actions to be verified and monitored directly.
  • Route management: PrivaMap offers advanced tools for optimizing transport routes, considering regulatory constraints and safety criteria. We reduce driving-related incidents while optimizing drivers’ time on site.
  • A safe flow of HGVs: As soon as the driver arrives on site, a reminder of the rules and the safety protocol is sent to him in his own language (17 languages available). It must be read and approved before any intervention. In this way, data exchange is simple, fast, and complies with RGPD standards.

And finally..,

Enhancing safety and guaranteeing compliance in road transport are key priorities for companies in the sector. Thanks to innovative technological solutions, manufacturers can optimize operations, ensure flow traceability and improve on-site communication. Safety and compliance are major challenges for the road transport industry, and the right solutions are needed to achieve these objectives efficiently and reliably.

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