How to master supply chain vocabulary? 2

Apprendre le vocabulaire vocabulary

In the first part, you were introduced to the vocabulary and technical terms used in PrivaMap, but what about the terms found in the field, mainly on industrial, SEVESO and chemical sites? Continuation of vocabulary : MASE : MASE stands for « Manuel d’Amélioration Sécurité des Entreprises ». MASE is a standard developed in France to promote […]

How to master supply chain vocabulary?

Apprendre le vocabulaire vocabulary

Tech vocabulary can be a little confusing. We’ve decided to decipher some recurring acronyms for you! As you probably know, PrivaMap offers an outdoor guidance solution for truck drivers on the site. The indoor question arises frequently, particularly with existing systems, so here’s the vocabulary: INDOOR POSITION : BLE: Bluetooth Low Energy = Use and […]

Road transport safety: how to ensure compliance?

transport according to safety regulations

Road safety: a major challenge in the transport sector Road transport is a vital sector of the economy, but it also presents major challenges in terms of safety. Protecting drivers, vehicles and goods is a prime concern for transport companies. In this context, PrivaMap is positioned as an innovative solution that contributes to reinforcing the […]

Situations of misunderstandings, how to overcome the language barrier?

situations of situations of misunderstandings schematized schematized

Industrial sites are often synonymous with linguistic crossroads. Road haulers frequently come from different horizons, and are directly confronted with an issue linked to Europe’s cultural plurality: the language barrier. All too often, simple situations of misunderstandings can lead to lost time, errors in operations and, consequently, lost revenue for the host company. With an […]

Flow optimization: How does Privamap integrate with your TMS?

TMS interconnection

The Transport Management System (TMS) aims to facilitate the management of the entire transportation process, from planning to execution, including shipment tracking and cost management. It helps businesses optimize their transportation operations by enabling them to track vehicle movements, select routes and schedules, manage inventory, update transport documents, monitor costs, and ensure regulatory compliance. Companies […]

How does TMS (transport management system) software work?

Résultat d'un TMS (transport management system) qui fonctionne

Why choose a TMS? A Transport Management System (TMS) is dedicated software for transportation management. It provides precise control over shipments and measurable time savings. As a complement to an ERP or inventory management solution, a TMS is essential for companies that make hundreds or thousands of deliveries to their customers every day. In reality, […]

Fundraising for PrivaMap, how to invest 1 million euros?


Launched more than 1 year ago, following a project developed by the Alacrité startup ecosystem since 2020, this innovative Lille-based company markets a guidance and supervision solution dedicated to industrial, logistics and chemical facilities, and also to airports and ports. PrivaMap’s core expertise : optimise, secure and supervise on-site vehicle flows generated by delivery trucks or […]

How to manage risks on an industrial site

An industrial site with risks

What is a « risk » within an industrial site? Industrial risks can be described as an accidental event that has a probability of occurring on an industrial site and that can lead to repercussions for personnel, local residents or the environment. Several industrial sectors face daily major risks of handling and storing hazardous materials such as […]

How can we leap into Supply Chain 4.0?

Supply Chain

What are the challenges of digitalization within the logistics sector?  First of all, it is important to remember that the main objective of digitalization is to allow each company to improve its reaction time and the quality of its offer according to the customers’ needs. To gain in performance on the whole Supply Chain part, […]